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Live Show 2024

Join us this Saturday 20th April at 2pm AEST for a fun, interactive, live show experience. Join our Live Show list via pop up on this page to be the first to see what we'll be showing during the Live!

Ends April 20, 2024 at 2:00 pm

Check out our previous Live Show to see what it's all about!


Our exclusive VIP Live Shows are an interactive shopping experience on our Facebook Page that showcase our new arrivals before they make it to the website (IF they make it!) as well as our existing crystals & jewellery.

Live shows are an opportunity to ask to see any items on our website - you can ask to see jewellery modelled, or see crystals in 360 degrees because pictures don't always do them justice!

Our customers who buy live always agree that seeing items on video gives a better idea of the item before purchasing, and even still they look even better once they are holding them in their hands!

During the Live Show, you can see our full range of jewellery and crystals, and you can have your questions answered directly by our Show Host.

Our host and team create a relaxed, fun and friendly live shopping experience, as we present you with a beautifully curated selection of our gorgeous crystal jewellery, minerals, crystals and other magickal products for you to purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the live shows?

Nature’s Magick holds a weekly Live Show on their Facebook Page at 2pm - 6pm on Saturday or 1pm - 5pm on Sundays. Times are subject to change, so check our page for any updates on the day.

We also have a YouTube channel where you can watch timestamped replays which make it easy for you to see what collections were shown and when.

How do I buy during the live shows?

To claim an item, simply comment SOLD / MINE / CLAIM and the item code as shown by the host.

TIP: Sometimes Facebook filters comments, so the host may not see your comment when you use the words Sold or Claim. We have noticed that using any EMOJI 😊 with the item code can help overcome this.

Live Sale Policies & Guidelines

What is the buying etiquette during a Live Sale?

  • Claiming an item is a commitment to buy - i.e. follow through with payment for your purchase. Please only claim what you can afford to pay for!
  • The first sold comment that the host sees on their end is the person who will get that item. Your comments may appear first on your screen, and appear in a different order on the host's screen. Our decision is final. Any discrepancies we are happy to screenshot our end to show if needed.

If someone asks to see a specific stone or item, they have first pick. When we are showing a requested section or pieces to a particular customer, that customer gets to pick first. If you see something you want to buy whilst we are showing someone else, simply comment NIL (next in line) and the item code. If they don't want that item, it's sold to you!

I am a new customer! How do I pay?

If you are a new customer, all we require is your email address for invoicing, and you can fill out your shipping details at checkout. All invoicing is done via our website, and payment is made via a secure payment gateway. We will send invoices out on Monday mornings, and ask that you please make prompt payment within 3 days, or if you require longer, you can request a payment extension to align with a pay cycle.

We offer PayPal (including pay in 4), ZipPay, AfterPay and accept credit cards.

I changed my mind on an item I claimed! Can I cancel it?

If you change your mind during the live sale and wish to put back an item, please let us know in the comments during the live so we can put the item back and allow other buyers a chance to purchase. Once the Live Show has ended, we kindly ask that you only cancel with a good reason, and that if you need to cancel please do so before we send out invoices.

I have an outstanding invoice but I want to buy more items in the Live Sale!

Customers with outstanding invoices (invoices unpaid after 7 days) and payment arrangements in place are requested to pay their outstanding invoices before you continue to add more items to your basket. We would never publicly tell you not to buy or request payment during a live show, but may discretely request for you to message us about your order before you buy anything else, or we may message you with a reminder to make payment prior to continuing to shop.

If you are planning to make payment within the next day or two for the outstanding invoice, and can afford to add more to that invoice and pay for all items within the 3 day timeframe, then please send us a message letting us know that is what you will do.

  • Exclusive Access

    Be first to view and purchase New Arrivals

  • Exclusive Sales

    Get up to 30% off selected items in Flash Sales or Clearance Sales

  • Private Viewing

    Enjoy your shopping experience from the comfort of your own home

  • Learn

    Our Crystal Expert Michelle shares a wealth of knowledge during the show

Can’t recommend Michelle’s Nature’s Magick enough. She is totally customer focused and sources only high quality gemstones for a great price. Her live sales are a must to see as she bubbles merrily along, greeting all her customers and making it fun, entertaining and educational.

Cathy R

Michelle is genuinely knowledgeable and informative about what she is selling, her jewellery range is by far the greatest I’ve ever come across with amazing quality pieces. I find her live sale videos on Facebook to be a incredible, kind community of likeminded crystal enthusiasts who are very loyal thanks to Michelle’s hard work in helping provide awesome quality services for her customers


Nature's Magick would be one of the very few places I trust to buy my crystals from online. Michelle has an incredible eye when sourcing crystals for her customers and I have never been disappointed with the quality of my purchases. I look forward to Sunday afternoons when Michelle goes live for her customers to view the latest collection along with heavily discounted and clearance items. Highly recommended!

Leanne C