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When you are going through grief, crystals can be a source of comfort to assist you in processing your emotions, helping to keep your energy flowing and preventing emotional blocks. The best crystals to support you or a friend during a time of grief are

  • Black Obsidian and in particular Apache Tear, is known to be very healing for times of grief by helping to absorb, ground and drain heavy emotional energy, creating feelings of calm.
  • Black Onyx reminds us of our inner strength, and can assist when we separate from a loved one, as well as being protective and grounding.
  • Rhodonite is known as the “emotional first aid” gemstone as it helps to bring feelings of comfort and emotional safety, reducing fear and panic and encouraging emotional healing.
  • Rose Quartz opens our heart to receive Unconditional Love, and restores peace and emotional balance.
  • Black Star Diopside is sometimes called the “crying stone” as it helps us to process emotional energy, encourages healing through release and has a soothing energy.
  • Selenite helps to clear heavy energies, and can raise your vibration. It helps draw white light through your energy field, clearing blocks and instilling feelings of peace and spaciousness.
  • Trust your own intuitive feeling as to which crystal is the appropriate one for you

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