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Metaphysical Properties of Chrysocolla: Calming, communication from the heart, Feminine energy, birthing, courage, transition, transformation, nurturing, emotional maturity, wisdom

Chrysocolla is a stone of harmony for both the macrocosm and the microcosm. Because of its bright colour and distinctive look, chrysocolla has quickly become a favourite for invoking the powers of water and the divine feminine. 

It is a gentle gemstone that may help the wearer to release fear, anxiety, guilt, and install feelings of courage, hope and wisdom to face emotional challenges. 

Since it is related to your throat and heart chakras, wearing a Chrysocolla pendant is a great way to release the energy that may have become blocked in these chakras, and may assist the wearer to embrace heartfelt communication and authentic self-expression, without fear.

Chrysocolla is also a gemstone often worn by or given to birthing women, to help ease the fears around childbirth and call in courage and connection to deep feminine wisdom, to support her through a time of huge transition.

Known as a gemstone for connecting to your inner goddess, Chrysocolla is a vibrant stone that inspires confidence, creativity and brings joy and harmony to our daily routines. 

Chrysocolla can also assist us in turning our thoughts into words, and our words into action. It helps to encourage spontaneity, physical activity, laughter and saying ‘yes’ more often. The radiant spark of Chrysocolla can awaken our passions and help us to pursue our own happiness without apology.

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