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Pink Amethyst

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Pink Amethyst Properties: Heart, 3rd eye, Crown, Divine Love, Connect heart & crown, Give & Receive Love, Self-acceptance, Increase self-love, Soul love & guidance, Emotional protection, Emotional healing, Positive self-image, Overcome negativity, Gentleness & Peace

Pink Amethyst was discovered in Patagonia, Argentina and naturally forms in small geodes, ranging from one to four inches in diameter. Miners have carefully cracked open these geodes, revealing pockets of pale pink to a deep, almost magenta shade of beautiful crystals!

Pink Amethyst is very beneficial to support emotional healing, assisting you to make a conscious and loving connection with your inner child, fostering a sense of unity and integration. Pink Amethyst can be a positive catalyst for processing grief, and it helps one keep the heart open, even through painful times. The comforting currents of these stones can help to restore joy and peace in one’s heart and soul.

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