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Honey Calcite

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Honey Calcite also known as Golden or Amber Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral that occurs in masses and rhombohedral forms. Calcite comes from the Greek word ‘Calix’ meaning lime and is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. The most significant deposit for Honey Calcite is located in Mexico, but it is also found in Pakistan.

Honey Calcite resonates with the Root, Solar, and Third-Eye chakras creating a powerful trifecta of personal will and creation. The golden warmth of this crystal is felt upon first touch, providing the user with a link to Mother Earth's energies. This strong connection is great for accomplishing high-effort tasks and projects. When our personal will is rooted, we are more inclined to push ourselves to the finish line. The hardest part of doing something is getting started, and Honey Calcite encourages us to get up and get going.

Metaphysical Properties of  Honey Calcite: Solar plexus Chakra, Memory of astral travel, Clear the mind & learning, Put learning into action, Overcome procrastination, Motivation & Energy, Transmutes negativity, Energy amplifier, Clears stored energy, Reduce Fear & Stress, Right use of power, Self-responsibility

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