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Chocolate Calcite (aka Brown Aragonite)

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Metaphysical Properties of Chocolate Calcite (Aragonite): Base Chakra, Nourishes lower chakras, Comfort & Warmth, Grounding & Focus, Energy amplifier, Clears stagnant energy, Reduce Fear & Stress, Awareness of opportunities for Prosperity & Growth, Pursue heart’s desires, Material manifestation, Physical healing

Chocolate Calcite (Aragonite) is a combination of banded dark brown and pale nougat-coloured bands of Brown Aragonite. Calcite and Aragonite are essentially both a calcium carbonate but aragonite forms when exposed to greater amounts of heat and pressure. 

Chocolate Calcite has a highly grounding and stabilising energy that brings a sense of inner balance and expanded awareness. It may also create a sense of emotional stability by reminding you that whatever you are feeling will pass, empowering and encouraging you to use all of your energies constructively. 

Chocolate calcite is also a great ally when doing any kind of abundance or wealth mindset work, as it can help us to clear beliefs rooted in "poverty consciousness", and assists us to increase awareness of the abundance that already exists around us, and to be more aware of opportunities for prosperity and growth. 

Place some Chocolate calcite in the back left "wealth" corner of your home to help with manifesting greater wealth!

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