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Ruby in Fuchsite

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Metaphysical Properties of Ruby in Fuchsite: Transforms energy, Balance yin-yang, Calming, Emotional clearing, Receive more Love, Heart healing, Unity consciousness, Individuality, Friendship, Vitality, Intuition, Mind-heart connection, Psychic development, Empowerment, Truth, Integrity

Ruby Fuchsite naturally combines the red variety of Corundum (Ruby) with a chrome-based mica (Fuchsite) which is only found in Southern India.

Ruby in Fuchsite can be a useful gemstone to work with or wear when we are requiring an emotionally supportive, self-nurturing and self-reflective ally during challenging times.

Ruby is known to stimulate our feelings of passion, courage and strength, and Fuchsite's lighter, calming and nourishing vibrations are powerfully relaxing and transformative.

Ruby Fuchsite works on the emotional body and helps to dissolve some of the heart's burden of trauma and emotional wounding that can erode our sense of self-confidence and inner strength over time. 

Resonating strongly with Gaia, Fuchsite connects with the Earth's healing energies to nurture, rejuvenate and revitalise our life-force energy, helping us to open our heart whilst also grounding our energy back into the earth. Ruby re-ignites our passion and motivation to move forward with your life and to open to love again.

A gemstone of friendship, Ruby Fuchsite's synergistic energies show how two different energies work together to support a common cause, and how we can remain in our individual energy whilst also being supportive and enhancing another's path and purpose.


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