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Metaphysical Properties of Malacholla: Emotional healing, Release past trauma and old patterns, Transformation, Re-birth, Emerging, Divine Feminine, Creativity, Communication, Courage, protection

Malacholla is a crystal healing powerhouse, a synergistic combination of Malachite and Chrysocolla. Said to hold a high vibration, Malacholla's combined energies are  transformational, and can support the process of emotional healing and spiritual rebirth.

Working with Malacholla encourages one to break free of old and unwanted patterns which may be keeping you stuck in past trauma or emotional pain. Malachite unapologetically shines the light of awareness into the heart, showing us where we need to nurture and heal our heart.

Helping to uncover what has been hidden, it can also help you reclaim your power by showing you where you need to release toxic or stuck emotional energy. Malacholla encourages the free expression of our true feelings, opening the heart for emotional clearing and healing of past wounds. This process can bring greater acceptance, empowerment and allow more love and joy into one's heart. 

Malacholla can also invoke courage, creativity and spiritual protection whilst one is going through this time of great change and healing. The outcome of going through this time of change and rebirth, is regeneration of the whole chakra and meridian systems of the physical and metaphysical bodies.

Healing on an emotional level brings us a feeling of wholeness, connection and peace, and allows us greater freedom to live aligned with our authentic self expression.


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