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Focus & Concentration

If you are studying, have ADHD or you simply get easily distracted and have trouble focusing on the task at hand, then these gems can be helpful for you to work with! The best crystals for focus and concentration are:

  • Fluorite activates higher intelligence and is nicknamed the “genius stone” as it enhances focus, concentration and mental clarity, whilst stimulating ideas and aiding in problem solving.
  • Hematite is another excellent grounding stone, as well as helping to move chi and energy through the body, it can also improve our logical thought process.
  • Fire Quartz combines inclusions of red hematite which is amplified by clear quartz and grounds scattered thoughts and energy, helping to clear the mind.
  • Blue Tigers Eye calms the nervous system helping to restore calm to the mind and body, as well as open up the third eye and throat chakras to balance intuitive and intellectual thoughts, as well as open up to universal wisdom.

Trust your own intuitive feeling as to which crystal is the appropriate one for you!

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