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Green Aventurine

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Metaphysical Properties of Green Aventurine: Stone of Opportunity, Prosperity, Synchronicity, Wealth, Support new growth, business, money, optimism, confidence, decisiveness

Green aventurine is a beautiful green-coloured crystal that is often used in spiritual practices for its many metaphysical properties. Here are some of the most commonly recognised properties of green aventurine:

  • Good luck: Green aventurine is often referred to as the "Stone of Opportunity" and is said to bring good luck and prosperity to its wearer. It is believed to help attract success, abundance, and good fortune into one's life.

  • Emotional balance: Green aventurine is thought to help balance emotions and promote inner harmony. It is said to bring a sense of calm and tranquility to those who use it, helping to reduce anxiety, stress, and negative emotions.

  • Heart healing: Green aventurine is associated with the heart chakra and is said to promote emotional healing and well-being. It is believed to help open the heart to love and compassion, while also providing protection against emotional pain and heartache.

  • Physical healing: Green aventurine is thought to have many physical healing properties as well. It is believed to help support the immune system, promote healthy skin, and aid in the recovery from illness or injury.

Overall, green aventurine is a beautiful crystal that can be a powerful tool for promoting good luck, emotional balance, heart healing, and physical well-being. If you're interested in using green aventurine in your spiritual practice, you may want to consider carrying a small piece with you, wearing it as jewellery, or placing it in your home or workspace to help promote positive energy and good vibes.

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