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Metaphysical Properties of Malachite: Heart & Solar Plexus chakras, Aligns Divine Will and Personal Willpower, Protection, Absorbs negativity & harmful energy, Stimulate Intuition and Psychic Vision, Physical and Emotional healing, Protection for travel, Transformation, Spiritual growth, Strengthen Boundaries, Correct use of Power, Personal Responsibility

Malachite is a copper based mineral which gives it its beautiful, rich green colour with swirling fractal banding, circles and other unique patterns. Its strong colour and mesmerising beauty offers deep healing and transformation through its connection to nature. 

Malachite is an important stone for protection, absorbing negative energies and pollutants from one's environment and from the body. It guards against radiation and helps clear EMF's that may have a detrimental effect on our energy field.

Malachite is also said to especially be protective of travellers, and is often carried or worn to warn of impending danger. Inherent in Malachite is lighter green "bulls-eye" formations or bands, which are said to enhance psychic and visionary powers, helping to ward off negative happenings and protect the wearer.

Malachite can also aid healing especially on physical and emotional levels, drawing out impurities and stimulating the Life Force throughout the aura and body. Malachite's vibration emanates a healthy frequency for the heart, both emotionally and physically, moving us towards emotional balance and harmonisation of the heart chakra.

It can help empaths and emotionally sensitive people to establish stronger emotional and energetic boundaries, by not taking on others' emotional baggage and also be more discerning of your own energy and boundaries. It is also a powerful stone for people who are needing to heal the abuser/victim polarity, and restores the correct use of power, including not being afraid of using our personal power to assert our boundaries.

Malachite is a Fire element stone, which holds the "yang" energy of copper, which is also a strong stimulator of the Solar Plexus chakra, and aligns our personal willpower to Divine Will. It reminds us of our role as co-creators, and encourages us to take more personal responsibility and have more confidence to take action and make spiritual progress through "right" action. It can also assist us to "step up" and overcome challenges that are presented to us on our path, and maintain integrity to our path and direction. 

Good harmonisers with malachite are Morganite for the heart chakra/emotional balance, and also Tiger's Eye for the solar plexus chakra.

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