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Joy is your natural state of being! At times, we can get caught up in the stress of daily life, and forget this! To open the heart and experience more Joy, we suggest workin with the following gemstones:

  • Amber has a bright and sunny energy that clears away negativity with its purifying properties, and helps one feel uplifted, confident and full of joy!
  • Sunstone is a powerful gemstone to reclaim your joy! Its sparkle evokes feelings of happiness, and increases our self-empowerment and ability to succeed in life.
  • Crazy lace agate reminds you to lighten up, let go of your worries and have a laugh! It stimulates flow and letting go to trust in others and the Divine.
  • Lemon Quartz promotes mental balance and optimism, encouraging a happy disposition and clearing negative thoughtforms and energy
  • Chrysoprase has the energy of new beginnings and bursts with potential like a bud about to bloom! It clears emotional blocks and opens the heart to receive more love and joy. 
  • Pink Cobalto calcite has a sparkling energy that reminds me of the fizz of mineral water - it gently clears the heart, evoking feelings of unconditional love, and joy.

Trust your own intuitive feeling as to which crystal is the appropriate one for you!

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