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Green Apophyllite

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Metaphysical Properties of Green Apophyllite: Meditation, Heart & Crown Chakra High Vibration, heart healing, Opening heart to joy, Universal Love, Emotional Healing, Emotional Clearing, Spiritually Energising, Stimulate Pineal Gland, Enhance Intuition, Connection with Nature, Spirits, Inner Reflection, prosperity, friendship, Abundance

Green Apophyllite crystals are a pale to medium green colour, and can range from transparent to translucent, with some as clear as glass. It was first discovered by a farmer in Poona, India, and since been found in various locations across India, Canada and Brazil. 

Registering around 4.5-5 on the Mohs scale, Apophyllite’s name comes from its tendency to flake when heated, derived from the Greek word "apo," and "phyllon" which means “to flake off”. Apophyllite is frequently found as a secondary crystal to Zeolites such as Stilbite. Many stones feature small inclusions of Stilbite, which vibrate with the energy of love and support.

Commonly called the helper crystal, Green Apophyllite crystals carry the energy of love and bring peace, harmony, and abundance to your life. It can assist in balancing emotions, letting go of issues that no longer serve you, allowing for forgiveness, healing and spiritual growth. It will also help get rid of your anxieties that are disrupting your inner balance and causing you to think negative thoughts.

Aligned with the Heart Chakra, Green Apophyllite cleanses and balances that energy centre, bringing clarity to situations of the heart by allowing the holder to see all sides of an issue, untainted by fear or ego.

Green Apophyllite is a potent stone for stimulating your metaphysical capabilities. It maintains a strong connection between your spiritual and physical self, and corrects imbalances on your energy grid. 


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