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Metaphysical Properties of Garnet (red): Base & Heart Chakra, Creativity, Passion, Grounding, Manifestation, Balance emotions, Spiritual Protection, Strength, Will power, Commitment, Relationships, Business Success, Prosperity, Luck, Heart & Blood

"Garnet" refers to the family name of a group of several closely related minerals. Garnets come in a variety of colors (all except blue!) and have many different varieties. However, the most widely-known color of Garnet gemstones is dark red, which is Almandine Garnet. 

Other commonly known varieties include green Grossular Garnet, Uvarovite Garnet (bright green druzy crystals), Spessartine Garnet (orange-red).

Garnet's energy is very fiery, creative and strong... like the burning coals of a fire, it can ignite the flames of desire and passion within the heart, and can spark energy and vitality into the body. Fire holds alchemical properties of transformation and it can therefore help one to create energetic shifts within one's vibration and transmute stagnation. 

Garnets are associated with strong Yang (Divine Masculine) energy, which translates into us taking action on things, feeling motivated and also being confident in our decisions and direction in life and love. Its energy makes our desires manifest into the physical, grounding them into reality through our committed action.

Garnet is often worn by lovers, as it is believed to bring forth passionate and loving energy from aligning one's heart and sacral chakras, deepening intimacy and desires. 

Garnets are also often worn by entrepreneurs as they are said to enhance business relationships, increase confidence in decisions, and take bold action. Garnet's energy also encourages prosperity and success.

 January's birthstone is Garnet.

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