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Dumortierite metaphysical properties: Third eye chakra, Divine Mind, Insight & Inner Guidance, Psychic Ability, Divine Inspiration, Faith and Trust in the Divine, Enhances Learning, Mental Discipline, Willpower, Calming, Clarity, Emotional Intelligence

Dumortierite is a powerful third eye crystal that opens up our "inner sight", enhances one's learning capacity as well as mental discipline and willpower. It attunes our consciousness to the frequency of the Divine Mind.

As an extremely calming gemstone, wearing Dumortierite can help you to release worry and confusion, by encouraging faith and trust in the Divine. It enhances clarity of mind, as well as helping us to gain insight into situations we may have perceived as being challenging or seemingly impossible. This can strengthen one's feelings of hope, self-confidence, and regain a sense of positive action especially when approaching a new project or endeavour as we have a sense of self-belief in being able to solve problems by tuning into our inner guidance.

The way Dumortierite activates the Third Eye chakra, we are able to perceive things with a new awareness, activating psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, prophetic visions, clairaudience, clairsentience and psychometry. It helps to carry information from higher dimensions into the realms of matter, making it a powerful ally for those who wish to do channelling. 

Dumortierite also instils a sense of faith that everything is unfolding as it should, even if we don’t understand the Divine Plan yet. If you feel like fear is driving you into a panic, Dumortierite may help you to calm down, breathe deeply, and find courage to move through challenges one step at a time. 

Wearing Dumortierite allows one to be attuning to its vibrations and immersed in its energetic pattern which can increase the process of vibrational assimilation of its energy. It's also an excellent stone for students to wear, as it enhances mental discipline, mental retention and learning capacity. 

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