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Purple Anhydrite (Angelite)

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Purple Anhydrite properties: Crown, third eye and heart and sacral chakras. High vibration, expand consciousness, enhance spiritual connection and communication, strength, shedding past patterns, stamina, clearing toxins and stress, physical and spiritual healing. 

Anhydrite literally means "without water" and is chemically related to Angelite, but is energetically livelier. When gazing upon its deep lavender structure, sometimes you will see rainbow and silvery shimmer which give this stone an ethereal and joyful quality.

A high vibrational stone that enhances your connection to your guides, spirit animals and the angelic realm that are of the highest light. Its energy can help to expand one's conscious awareness, and draw in spiritual energy and insight that can assist in connecting with your purpose and soul path.

Anhydrite may facilitate strength on the physical plane and allows one to understand that the physical body is, in fact, transient. It may assist in acceptance of both, the past, leaving the beauty of memories and and the future of what may come tomorrow. It has a vibrant energy that may encourage the shedding of old patterns and establishing new and exciting adventures.

One will be forced to think outside the box and look at things from a different perspective. It has also been used to help one develop stamina. It has a way of finding toxins and energy blocks within the body. When the toxin or blockage is identified the Anhydrite works energetically to cause release. It balances hormones, which are upset by toxins and stress.  It allows you to understand your physical body and to do what is necessary to begin healing. 

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