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Ametrine crystals are made of alternating sectors of purple and yellow to orange color. Slabs cut perpendicular to the c axis of the crystal look a bit like a pinwheel. The purple sectors are situated under the positive rhombohedral faces (r), and the yellow sectors under the negative rhombohedral faces (z).

While the purple sectors are made of amethyst, the yellow or orange sectors are not made of citrine, because they are colored by inclusions of iron compounds and would more properly called ferruginous quartz. Accordingly, upon heating ametrine the purple sectors pale, while the yellow-orange sectors keep their color.

Metaphysical Properties of Ametrine: Spiritual Clarity, Creativity, Manifestation, Balance of opposites, Masculine & Feminine, Physical & Spiritual, Clearing energy, Enhance Intuition, Problem Solving, Strengthening


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