Luxurious Handmade Crystal Soaps & Bath Soaks

Nature's Magick is proud to be a stockist of a local Artisan brand - Cinnamon & Clove, who hand make artisan soap, skincare and bath and body products. These luxurious products are sure to brighten your day and clean you up with a sunray of happiness. Whether it’s with our exotic natural soap bars, or dreamy bath soaks, we want to sprinkle Mother-Earth-approved joy into those “mundane” daily routines.

Stripping back to the ‘clean, slow way of life’, Cinnamon & Clove goodies are made from simple, all-natural ingredients – all the goodness, zero nasties. With Mother Nature’s help, we pour her stunning array of colours, botanicals and kindness into our creations. Sourced from fair trade and organic suppliers wherever possible, our products are all palm oil free, with no synthetic colours, fragrances or preservatives.

Handmade Crystal Soap

Embedded with carefully handpicked, real gem stones, Cinnamon & Clove’s crystal soap bars are nature’s bubbly gift.

An absolute treat for bath time magic, these natural soap bars gently cleanse the day away while the crystals sweet-talk your soul with their individual properties. From stress release to healing and all-round happiness, you’re sure to find the perfect soap bar for your needs.

Cinnamon & Clove’s handmade soap bars are beautifully crafted from the finest vegetable oils, organic butters and essential oils, they’re little slices of heaven. With the help of Mother Nature’s divine colour palette and gorgeous botanicals, these natural soaps gently cleanse your hands (and soul) while multi-tasking as a statement piece for your soap dish.

Luxuriously moisturising, we hand make them in small batches because quality over quantity, right?! Bucketloads of love, care and obsession to detail is poured into each handmade soap, ensuring that the addiction gets stronger with each wash. With a bit of self-care magic, you can turn your bathroom into a dreamy retreat.

A lovely gift idea, there’s a bespoke option for everyone!

Bath Soaks 

You’ve worked hard all day to be a good human, so now it’s time for your cheeky self-care retreat. Cheese, wine and Richard Mercer optional, light the candles, close the door and step into a hot, loooong bath or shower. Let the blissful serenity begin.

With a divine range of all-natural bath salts, soak and unwind with Cinnamon & Clove. Free your mind and drift to dreamy, faraway lands as the beautiful botanicals and essential oils come to life. Indulgent chunks of cacao butter moisturise your skin as the day’s worries melt away. Enjoy your little DIY slice of heaven.

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