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Pink Cobalto Calcite

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Pink Cobalto Calcite properties: Unconditional Love, emotional healing, forgiveness, compassion, energy amplifier, emotional release, friendships, relationships, enhance psychic abilities, healing, visions, connect with spirit

Pink Cobalto Calcite (also known as Cobaltoan Calcite) is a naturally hot pink crystal that sparkles with an abundance of heart energy! It embodies unconditional love and forgiveness, with a powerful heart based vibration that expands the heart and instantly uplifts one's mood!

Its energy may boost feelings of joy and happiness, promoting emotional healing and a positive outlook on life and love. This beautiful gemstone can assist you to let go of negative feelings that you may have been holding onto, encouraging forgiveness and compassion for self and others by expanding emotional awareness, consciousness and helping us to grow and evolve on a spiritual level.

Known as a talisman for love, it brings emotional healing and encourages love for all those around you. Its energy is known to boost feelings of joy and happiness

Add one of these beautiful pieces to your collection as energetic medicine for your heart and soul on those days when you just need an instant pick-me-up!

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