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Belomorite "Eclipse Stone" (Russian Moonstone with Sunstone)

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Belomorite Properties: Balance Yin and Yang Energies, Cleanses Energy, Promotes Organisation, Clears blocks, Enhances Responsibility, Courage, Motivation, Emotional Strength and Healing, Enhance Creativity and Radiance of Energy.

Belomorite is a rare form of Plagioclase Moonstone with Sunstone, which is also known as "Eclipse Stone". 

Moonstone and Sunstone are two minerals that can complement each other's unique properties to create a powerful energetic balance. Sunstone is associated with masculine energy and is believed to promote positivity and confidence, stimulates creativity and inspiration, and offer protection from negative energies.

Moonstone, on the other hand, is associated with feminine energy and is known for its ability to soothe and balance emotions, enhance intuition and psychic abilities, provide protection during travel, and help one stay grounded in the present moment.

When these two gems form together, Belomorite can help balance, harmonise and integrate masculine and feminine energies, promoting cohesive energy, emotional balance that supports personal growth and spiritual development.

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