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Morganite Properties: Heart Chakra, Innocence & Sweetness, Romantic Love, Attract & Open to Receive more Love, Emotional Healing, Cleanses heart chakra, Heal old wounds & move forward with courage & peace, Divine Compassion, Release stress & anxiety, Sheilding from negativity

Morganite is the Pink variety of Beryl, and is quite rare. Morganite can display tones from peach through to pink and can also be very subtle and almost clear. Whilst some raw and cabochon Morganite may resemble a pink colour close to Rose Quartz, the higher grade varieties show clarity and structure that is definitely quite different, and it is certainly a more valuable gem due to its rareity.

The gentle yet powerful energy of Morganite feels like your heart is fizzing with fine, bubbly energy that gently dissolves feelings of stress and anxiety and replaces it with the feeling you get when looking out at the ocean at sunset - peaceful, expansive, grateful and in deep reverence for the beauty of all things. You can feel a deep Universal Love, and a sense of contentment.

Wearing Morganite can help you to feel and embody deeper levels of self-love, that encourage greater self-care, self-respect and honouring your body and soul as well as that of others. When we feel more at peace within ourselves, and can embody greater levels of Love, attracting love from others becomes easy as we effortlessly increase the heart's magnetic field! This joyful expansion of energy radiates Love out into the universe, and that also attracts it back to us as we align with the flow of abundance.

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