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Red Jasper

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Metaphysical Properties of Red Jasper: Base Chakra balancing, Protection, Courage, Grounding, Stability, Fertility, Endurance, Stamina, Rebirth, Physical strength, Boost Creativity & Vitality, Heal Guilt & Shame associated with Trauma, Balance sexual energy 

Jaspers are a microcrystalline Quartz, which can form in a variety of colours and can be found all over the world.

Red Jasper is an excellent stone for working on the Base Chakra, as it helps to stimulate and balance its energies. Red Jasper's action on the base chakra can help us to feel a greater sense of stability, security and physical vitality. It may also have a direct action on activating Kundalini energy.

As a stimulator of vitality, Red Jasper acts on our Chi (life force energy) to help strengthen and support our physical body to heal. Balanced energy also means we can have a greater balance in our emotional and mental bodies, so Red Jasper can also positively effect one's mood. It has a strong energy of stamina and endurance, offering a boost when we are losing focus or interest in a task or project. 

As well as having a strong nurturing energy, Red Jasper is also a great gemstone to work with for enhancing creative and sexual energy. It has been used to promote fertility, and to also heal trauma and the associated emotions of guilt and shame that may be held in the base chakra, creating blocks to one being comfortable expressing their sexuality. It can help to create a healthy and balanced sexuality, including your ideas and beliefs around sexuality. It may enhance feelings of courage to face our fears around sexuality and freedom of self expression. 

Red Jasper can also help with healing inherited ancestral trauma, and may be useful to release blocks around feelings of lack and scarcity/poverty and instead shift awareness to the abundance that the Earth provides, that we can connect to this endless stream of abundant energy.

Red Jasper is also used for protection, promoting survival and connection to our instincts for awareness of potential danger, whilst also offering balance to our base chakra to remain grounded during times of stress.

Wearing Red Jasper over time can have a positive effect on your energy and help you stay grounded and energised throughout the day! 

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