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Black Star Diopside

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Black Star Diopside Properties: Base Chakra, Grounding, Intuitively Connect to Earth & Nature, “Crying Stone”, Aids Healing & Release of Old Trauma & Pain, Emotionally Soothing, Stimulates the Intellect, Meditation, Shamanic Journeying

Black Star Diopside exhibits asterism under certain light, due to the presence of magnetite. A 4-pointed "star" appears when a single light source shines directly upon the stone. This star may not be seen in certain light,  but when you go out into the sun, or shine a light upon it, it will appear. Some stones have clearer star formations that others. We used a camera flash to show the star in the images, as well as natural light so you can get a realistic view of this stone.

If you find yourself attracted to this dark beauty, your soul may be calling out for you to go on a journey of healing, or to work through something that has been causing you emotional stress.
Black Star Diopside connects us to nature and the Earth, grounding stress and soothing us on an emotional level, assisting scattered energy and thoughts to be released whilst at the same time stabilising our energy and emotions. Sometimes called the "crying stone" as it is believed to encourage emotional release of past wounds in order to heal.
Black Star Diopside is useful for Geomancy and helps those who work with Ley lines as it is said to enhance one's perceptual awareness of Earth energies. 
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