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Larimar Metaphysical Properties: Divine feminine/goddess connection, Peace, awareness, Gentleness, Calm, Transform fiery emotions, Healing self-sabotage and martyrdom, Alleviate stress fear and guilt, Cooling, Connection to oceans, Inner wisdom and emotional balance.

Larimar is a rare blue form of Pectolite, found in the Dominican Republic. It is commonly found in needle-like crystals that form in a solid mass within basaltic lava cavities. It is mainly blue and white, but may have shades of turquoise, red or brown due to oxidised hematite inclusions.

Larimar has been said to enlighten and heal across physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the self, as it heightens self awareness and stimulates the higher chakras, in particular the heart, throat and third eye. 

Larimar is known as a crystal of peace, relaxation and tranquility. Gazing upon its watery patterns can remind us of the peaceful ocean and assist us to release our worries and stress, replacing those feelings with a sense of calm. A gently cooling stone, Larimar can assist us to transform fiery emotions and alleviate feelings of fear, guilt replacing them with feelings of love and peace.

It has been said that Larimar can help to dissolve protective layers built up around the heart that are serving as a form of defence, helping one to open up to receiving more Love and emotional balance. A powerful stone to heal self-sabotage and matyrdom patterns, Larimar can bring awareness to behaviour that is keeping us stuck in stress-related patterns, particularly emotional ones, and aids deep emotional release and healing when used in a conscious way. It can assist to communicate clearly our boundaries in a way that is assertive and respectful, both to yourself and the other. 

Larimar supports the balanced expression of the throat chakra, allowing us to communicate our needs clearly, and helping us to achieve a state of wellbeing and awareness that keeps us from creating unhealthy attachments to other people or situations that do not serve your highest good. It helps you stay true to your own inner wisdom and guidance.

Larimar also connects strongly with Divine Feminine energy, the "Goddess of Sea and Sky", so can help women (and men!) to call on their Goddess within to help manifest their highest purpose and create a life aligned with their truth.

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