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Metaphysical Properties of Ruby: Passion, Power, Vitality, Courage, Sensuality, Sexual Energy, Creativity, Manifestation, Inner Fire, Awareness, Wealth, Manifestation, Protection Against Negativity, Emotional Protection.

Ruby is the red form of Corundum, with a Moh's hardness of 9, and is known as a precious gemstone. Ruby and Sapphire are both forms of Corundum, but ruby is only ever red, whereas Sapphire can be many other colours including blue, yellow, pink, purple and bronze. Ruby occasionally has a “star” which is formed by titanium dioxide creating a light diffusion within the ruby.

Rubies have been collected and treasured for thousands of years, and have been prized by royalty as well as priests, and have also been used to adorn weapons and breastplates of warriors. Ruby is also the birthstone of July and is also the gemstone to commemorate 40th anniversary of weddings.

Ruby is a stone of power and love, stimulating courage, vitality, and strength. It is a great stone to carry or wear for those who are lacking energy or motivation, or who suffer from a lack of confidence and experience a lot of fear or anxiety. Ruby is also said to promote health, knowledge, wealth and is a stone of protection against psychic attack and negative energy. It has a grounding effect that helps to increase the flow of Chi (vital energy) through the body, sending excess high vibrational or scattered energy into the earth, and simultaneously draws renewed nurturing vital energy up through the base chakra, creating a positive energising effect on the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Ruby connects with both the base and heart chakras, and may enhance motivation and creativity, encouraging passion and a love of life, as well as helping us connect more deeply with our own passions and feel a desire to express them.

Ruby’s energy can also assist those whose relationships need a boost of passion, as it’s fiery energy can help to re-ignite the inner flames of desire, reconnecting you with your own self-love, sensuality and sexuality, opening the heart to give and receive more love, which may help to overcome dysfunction or a lack of intimacy. For those not in relationships, it can help to attract new love into your life.

Ruby is also a great stone for business, as it helps to encourage leadership, sharpens the mind, and helps to have the courage to make bold decisions. It also enhances creativity and passion for what you do, as well as having a positive effect on relationships. Ruby is also a powerful manifestation stone that can also assist one to retain wealth.

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