Sunstone is very similar in habit to Aventurine, a form of Quartz that exhibits the same glittering Aventurescence effect. Sunstone is occasionally called 'Aventurine Feldspar' to distinguish it from its Quartz counterpart. However, Sunstone is always an orange or reddish color, whereas Aventurine, while sometimes occurring as orange or red, is most often green.

The glitter effect on Sunstone is usually red, orange, or golden yellow. It may also be green or blue, but this is very rare. Sunstone sometimes displays asterism in the form of four-rayed stars, and these stones are known as Star Sunstone. Sunstone occassionally also displays a cat's eye effect.

Metaphysical Properties of Sunstone: Vitality, Joy, expanded awareness, enthusiasm, expanded awareness, freedom, joy, openness, benevolence, warmth, strength, mental clarity, abundance, blessings, encourages self-nurturing, service to others, protection of finances and energy, align heart and mind, alleviate fearfulness and stress, leadership, enhance personal power, business success.


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