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Maligano Jasper

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Properties of Maligano Jasper: Balances Lower Chakras, Connection, Group harmony, Soothing energy, Recognise Patterns, Evaluate Behaviour, Create a Flexible Mindset & Shift Perceptions, Finding your Centre, Balancing energy, Move through Creative blocks, Grounding and Nurturing.

Maligano Jasper is a beautiful patterned type of Jasper from Indonesia that can look like an artwork from nature! With beautiful earthy tones of ochre, greys, reds and yellows, it may also have dendrites forming creating miniature landscapes.

It has a soothing and calming effect on one's energy, due to its grounding ability. Maligano Jasper connects you with your centre, enabling a greater sense of balance and a feeling of empowerment.

When working within a group or team, Maligano Jasper is a great ally to bring awareness of how each part or person contributes to the whole / team, and helps each part work together to create a cohesive group energy.

One of Maligano Jasper's signature energetic properties, is that is is fantastic to bring awareness to your mental patterns, beliefs, and perceptions. It can help shift one from very black and white thinking to the realms of grey and colour, where more possibilities are present.

Once we are aware of our patterns, and have determined which are helping or hindering us, we can make a choice to create change. Maligano Jasper helps us make these changes from a grounded, centred place that is in alignment with our true self.

Maligano Jasper can be really helpful to keep you on track with living your highest purpose, and may help you to stay the course of a task or project. It can give you the motivation to push through doubt, or other mental blocks, and get back to basics so that you can take the next step forward.

We suggest wearing Maligano Jasper over an extended period of time to reap its benefits.

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