About Nature's Magick


Nature’s Magick is a small business based in Melbourne, Australia founded by Michelle Rowland in 2013.

At Nature's Magick, we love sharing the beauty and magic of the natural world with you as we believe that connection to nature is important for our health and wellbeing.  We also believe that we all chose to be here on this earth for a reason, and so we love supporting people to reconnect with their heart’s desires and soul’s truth so that they can become more self-aware and empowered in their role as conscious co-creators of their life.

Nature’s Magick offers you a range of personally selected and sustainably/ ethically sourced (wherever possible) natural products including crystals and minerals, gemstone jewellery, natural incense, sage, palo santo, healing tools and magickal tools and supplies, plus our own creations of manifesting kits, and handmade reiki-infused gemstone bracelets and necklaces! We aim for quality and uniqueness in our product offerings, as well as affordability. 

Read more about our ethically sourced crystals here.

About Michelle...

Michelle's passion for the natural world likely stemmed from her childhood days of exploring her backyard and nature, and she has been collecting crystals since she was 8. After working in a new age and crystal jewellery shop for 5 years in her 20's, Michelle had a vision of her own business where she would offer a selection of unique and handmade jewellery, quality natural products and healing supplies and tools.

Michelle is a qualified Kinesiologist, Life Coach, Reiki and has studied Naturopathy, Crystal Healing and Energy Healing for many years. She has a private practice based in Melbourne, Australia and also sees clients online.

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