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Lemon Quartz (Ouro Verde quartz)

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Lemon Quartz Metaphysical Properties: Solar plexus chakra, Optimism, Creativity, Focus, Meditation, Mental Balance, Clarity of Thought, Positive Outlook, Personal Power, Joy & Happiness, Prosperity 

Lemon Quartz is a vibrant yellow coloured member of the Quartz family, and is also known as Oro Verde Quartz. It sometimes occurs naturally, but is often a heated form of quartz that creates its bright yellow colour. Traded in Brazil under the name Ouro Verde, this translates in Portuguese for “green gold”.

Lemon Quartz and Citrine can sometimes be confused with each other as they both have a yellow colour, however lemon quartz tends to have a slightly green-yellow colour, whereas citrine is a more gold or orange-yellow colour. Also, citrine is naturally coloured, or enhanced by heat only, whereas lemon quartz may be found naturally irradiated, but is usually artificially irradiated using gamma-rays, and then heated to produce its colour. It is very difficult to know the difference without testing in a lab. According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), there is no residual radiation left over after the quartz has been exposed to gamma-ray irradiation, which means these gemstones are perfectly safe to handle and wear. Not all quartz can be turned into Lemon Quartz, as it must have the right trace minerals present. Most Lemon Quartz is created in Brazil, and is heated amethyst, yellow quartz with iron present, or may be a lithium-rich form of quartz.

Metaphysically, Lemon Quartz is a fantastic crystal ally to enhance positive energy, transformation and creativity. It encourages a positive mindset and happiness, as well as bringing clarity to the mind. As Quartz is great for focusing and amplifying thoughts and intentions, lemon quartz has a great effect on the mental body and can help structure thoughts and aid concentration and memory. 

Lemon Quartz is also believed to be a great abundance stone, as it can help us get into the flow of positive thoughts and feelings, opening up the solar plexus chakra and enhancing our feelings of wellbeing and personal power, and helping us to attract financial success and prosperity. 

On an emotional level, Lemon Quartz emanates positive feelings of joy, happiness and fun, and is great at overcoming negative thoughts and heavy feelings. It may be helpful in reducing depression, anxiety and anger. 

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