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Pistachio Calcite (Green Calcite)

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Pistachio Calcite is a beautiful bright lime green to blue-green form of Green Calcite, found in Pakistan. Green-Calcite belongs to the mineral class of carbonate and is formed through sedimentation.

The green colour is due to chlorite that got trapped during crystallization. It has a soothing light green shade, and the stone is translucent yet opaque, with banding of yellow, pale and darker greens, as well as pale green-blues.

Metaphysical Properties of Pistachio Calcite: Heart & Throat Chakra, Peaceful communication, Patience through transition, Acceptance & insight, Innate healing abilities, Shift negative beliefs, Opening the heart, Emotionally cleansing, Connect to Nature, Energy amplifier, Clears stored energy, Reduce Fear & Stress
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