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Kunzite / Spodumene

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Metaphysical Properties of Kunzite: Emotional balancing, mood stabilising, self-love and nurturing, gentleness, healing addiction, connect heart and mind, emotional healing, support, receive more love, unconditional love

Kunzite is a pink variety of Spodumene, a stone that is high in lithium, and has a hardness of 6-7. It's beautiful lilac colour comes from trace amounts of Manganese, and it can range from pale subtle pinks to deep lilac. It's important to note that kunzite is photosensitive, and its colour may fade if exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight. Sometimes kunzite can be heat treated to intensify its colour.

Kunzite has a pure, sweet and loving vibration. It's gently nurturing, and awakens the heart chakra to open up the heart to give and receive more Love, and to connect us with the flow of Divine Love. It has a very gentle and peaceful energy that greatly benefits its wearer.

Keeping Kunzite near or wearing it during stressful times can assist to calm frayed nerves and activate the parasympathetic nervous system which helps us to relax and feel more at ease. It helps us feel more peaceful and kind, as our heart is open and expanded.

Kunzite can be helpful in assisting emotional healing as well as being a great mood balancer due to its high lithium content. It has been used to support healing addictions, as well as other emotional wounding that requires gentleness to allow the heart to feel safe enough to open to receive healing.

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