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Seeking protection from unwanted energies or negative influences? Here are our top suggestions of crystals for protection! 

  • Tourmaline in Quartz is our favourite protection gemstone as the quartz amplifies the protective energy of black tourmaline. 
  • Black Tourmaline is an energetic purifier and absorbs negative energies, transmuting and neutralising them.
  • Malachite is a powerful protector of the heart, and a travellers stone warning of impending danger! 
  • Obsidian offers psychic protection from harmful energies, and shields us from psychic attack or energy drain from others.
  • Amethyst is a Spiritual protector, connecting us with Divine Love and Light. It’s also a stone of sobriety and humility.
  • Smokey Quartz grounds energy. It absorbs and neutralised unwanted or negative energetic influences, as well as strong emotional energy.
  • You can learn more about crystals for protection here.

    Trust your own intuitive feeling as to which crystal is the appropriate one for you!

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