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Ruby in Kyanite

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Ruby in Kyanite Metaphysical Properties: Base, Heart & Throat Chakras

Alignment, Clearing Energy, Authenticity, Courage, Clarity, Joyful Passion, Protection, Strength, Transformation, Relieves Anger & Fear, Create Healthy routines & order, Enhanced Manifestation, Lucid Dreaming

Ruby in Kyanite creates a symbiotic relationship between these two gemstones, whereby the energy of each supports and enhances the other. It facilitates an alignment of the chakras, gathering and amplifying positive energies. The Kyanite's clearing action disallows the accumulation or retention of negative energies to be stored within the gemstone, transforming any negative vibrations or heavier emotions such as anger and fear into radiant and positive energy and emotions such as joy. Ruby supports one with protection and security by balancing the base and heart chakras.

Ruby's passionate and motivating energy combined with Kyanite's aligning and clearing energy creates a powerhouse gem that keeps us true to our heart & soul's purpose. It is thought that Ruby in Kyanite encourages us to live our best life by stimulating passion within our heart, and expressing ourselves in a way that is authentic and strengthens our positive traits.

Kyanite's strong action on the throat chakra helps us to vocalise emotive topics in a loving manner, helping us to create resolutions of difficulties.

Kyanite is a gemstone often used in dream recall and the combination of Ruby Kyanite can also be used during lucid dreaming, astral travel or meditation to help easily access enhanced states of consciousness and access to one's guides. It can also strengthen the connection of the astral body to the physical.

Ruby Kyanite also enhances manifestation as it can help attune us to the sacred order of the universe, in terms of understanding celestial cycles and how we also have our own order within the Earth and how we can utilise this to achieve our dreams. The art of manifestation can be amplified when wearing Ruby Kyanite, as it helps us to take inspired action based on our heart and soul's guidance.


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