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Prasiolite (Green Amethyst)

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Prasiolite / Green Amethyst Properties: Crown, third eye & heart chakras. Inner vision, connection to higher self, clear disharmonious energy, open to love and compassion, Nature spirit connection, Heart-centered focus and perspective, Harmony

Prasiolite is a green form of Quartz (sometimes called Green Amethyst), that has a Moh's hardness of 7. Natural Prasiolite is found in Brazil and Canada, although it is quite rare. Natural Prasiolite can often be found co-occurring with purple Amethyst. Commonly, Prasiolite is a heated form of Amethyst (hence the name Green Amethyst). Even though when Amethyst is heated, it often turns gold (heat treated Citrine), sometimes it can also turn green. It may also be irradiated to turn the stone a pale green.

The properties of this beautiful golden-green quartz are centered around the Heart Chakra, clearing the heart of disharmonious energy, and helping us to open to give and receive more love and compassion. 

Prasiolite also links the heart and crown chakras together, helping us to connect with our Higher Self and maintain a heart-centered focus and perspective. This helps us to see the Divine in ourselves and others, and also facilitates a compassionate and empathetic perspective of others rather than thoughts and feelings of judgement and negativity.

Prasiolite also facilitates a stronger connection to Mother Earth, Nature and Devas. It may have a rejuvenating effect on one's energy when it is consciously worked with to connect more strongly with nature. 


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