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Healing, Empowerment, Manifestation and Magick

Nature’s Magick offers ethically sourced crystals, jewellery, handmade products, healing tools and magickal supplies to help you to attract more of what you want into your life! 

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Connect with the Magic and Healing Power of Nature

In today's world, many people are disconnected from nature, each other and themselves. 

We believe that reconnection with the natural world is a vital part of helping people to become healthy, empowered and self-aware individuals who want to BE the change in the world!

Connecting with crystals by bringing them into your home and wearing them, is one way that you can closely connect with the beauty and magic of nature and reconnect with yourself on a daily basis.

At Nature's Magick, we are passionate about connecting people with crystals, and sharing our knowledge and expertise with you.  We also love helping people to reconnect with their own inner power and magic to create more of what they want in their lives!

We source quality products and carefully personally select ALL our products including ethically sourced crystals, sustainably sourced sage and palo santo.

Explore our range and discover hundreds of unique and beautiful products including crystals and gemstone jewellery, magickal supplies and tools, to both please the eye and nourish your soul!

Looking for something in particular? You can always contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

Crystal Healing Guide

Labradorite crystal in hand

How to activate crystals & inspire them with your intentions

"Activating" a crystal simply means to connect with its energy or frequency in a conscious way, i.e. with intention. Crystals work well when we have a purpose for working with them, as this helps to integrate their purpose and vibration with ours. Read more to learn how to do this... 
Cleansing crystals and gemstones

Why you need to cleanse crystals regularly, and how to cleanse crystals

Since crystals can store and transmit energy, to ensure that the energy you receive from the crystal is of a high and pure vibration, keep your crystal’s energy healthy through regular cleansing! There are a few crystals that never require cleansing...

Energy Clearing Blog

What is Energy Clearing and Why You Need To Do It

What is Energy Clearing and Why You Need To Do It

“Energy clearing” is the process of restoring the feeling of balance, harmony and flow within or around you by releasing stress or blockages within your subtle energy systems.

The clearer your energy is, the more refined your vibration is, and you will find your mind is clearer, your intuition is sharper, and your emotional energy can flow through you freely, and you can manifest things that you want more easily!

Nature's Magick Blog

Australia's Bushfires: a Catalyst for Change & Awakening the Feminine

Australia's Bushfires: a Catalyst for Change & Awakening the Feminine

These bushfires in Australia are definitely a catalyst for change. And that's a good thing... We have a powerful opportunity to create a different future, one that is more sustainable, as this is what is needed for our survival as a species! But it is up to each of us to dream and action that reality into existence.

We are going through a massive shift of consciousness, an awakening and a heart opening and clearing, which is bringing a sense of unity and solidarity in

Celebrating the Winter Solstice

Celebrating the Winter Solstice

In the modern era, many of us are disconnected from Nature, and from natural cycles. Therefore, making a conscious effort to realign ourselves wit...