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Imperial Jasper

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Imperial Jasper Properties: Aligns chakras, Supports the soul, Calming, Well-Being, Spiritual Growth, Revelation of Possibilities, Eliminate Illusion, Power, Strength, Organisation and Focus, Boldness, Courage, Determination

Imperial Jasper is a rare form of Jasper occurs with beautiful earthy swirling patterns of greens, reds, deep purples, cream and beige colours.

Like all jaspers, Imperial Jasper has a balancing and nurturing effect on our entire energy system, aligning all the chakras and revitalising energy by connecting us to the Earth's electromagnetic energy. Imperial jasper shares the properties of power, strength, and protection as with other Jaspers, but with the added qualities of organization and focus. Wear this gemstone when you have a need to focus on tasks at hand, or perform tasks that require attention to detail.

Imperial jasper encourages boldness and determination. It helps you to be in integrity with yourself and to courageously face challenges head-on. It can push you to acknowledge and release insecurities that are blocking you from being in harmony with your highest self. 

This gem may also help you to navigate life’s ups and downs, ebbs and flows by bringing a sense of acceptance to what is. 

A deeply healing gemstone to wear, Imperial Jasper promotes feelings of tranquility and calm and is a great crystal to work with when you need to relax, and may help bring to you closer to experiencing the fullness of who you are, and your deeper spiritual truth.

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