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Metaphysical Properties of Mookaite: Protection, Strength, Vitality, Earth Connection, Self-confidence, Self-worth, Amplify "gut feelings", Perception of Earth's Energies, Healing Ancestral Trauma from cells.

Mookaite is a form of Australian Jasper, displaying a stunning array of sunset colours from rich earthy reds to gold, purples and beige, sometimes with black dendrites present.

Mookaite opens up perceptual awareness of the Earth's energies, allowing us to harmonise with the Earth's electromagnetic currents as well as feeling the life force energy both within and around us. This can create a strong earth connection and feelings of being grounded and present. Mookaite also stimulates our vitality by drawing earth energy up through our chakras, revitalising our whole energy system. 

Mookaite enhances our "gut feelings" helping us to tune in to our intuition and sense of  instinctual awareness, which can help increase our self-confidence to trust ourselves and our feelings, which can also help increase feelings of protection.

Like Red Jasper, Mookaite can be used as a powerful healer of intergenerational trauma, as it helps us to unearth the unhealthy patterns and beliefs we have inherited that are present in our cells, helping us to create a conscious shift to release these patterns and not pass them on to future generations.

This beautiful richly coloured jasper makes a beautiful addition to your collection of jewellery or crystals!

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