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Blue Apatite Collection

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Blue Apatite properties: 3rd eye, Throat & Base Chakras - Inspiration, Ambition, Positive Attitude, Drive & Focus, Philanthropy, Auric Clearing, Mental Clearing, Enhance Clairvoyance, Health Consciousness

Beautiful deep blues of Apatite shimmer in the sunlight, and have a cleansing effect on your energy field, but in particular the mental body, which is where our perceptions are held. 

This powerful stone stimulates the third eye and throat chakras, empowering a positive attitude and activating your intuitive and visionary abilities. This can open up insights and inspiration to "drop in" to your consciousness and can also make you aware of what is underlying particular health conditions you may be experiencing.  

Blue Apatite also helps us to connect with Past Lives, and Karmic Influences, which can help us in our present reality.

Wearing Blue Apatite in jewellery is a great way to connect with the properties of this stone in a positive way!

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