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Maw Sit Sit

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Maw Sit Sit Metaphysical Properties: Heart Chakra, Enhance Vitality, Abundance, Possibility, Hope, Joy, Inspiration, Enhance Luck, Attract Relationships, Positive thoughts, Go with the flow, Opening the heart, Acceptance, Heart-centred awareness, 

Maw Sit Sit is a rare gemstone found exclusively in northern Myanmar (Burma). It is sometimes referred to as "Jade-Albite" or "Chrome Jade" due to its bright green colour and high chromium content. 

First identified in 1963, Maw Sit Sit was named after the village close to where it was first found in the foothills of the Himalayas.

On Mohs scale, it is measured 6-7. It is typically bright green with dark green to black veins, and is composed of several different minerals including albite feldspar, kosmochlor (ureyite) and chromium-enriched jadeite.

Maw Sit Sit's metaphysical properties centre around the heart chakra, strengthening our connection to both the physical and spiritual dimensions. It draws energy into the heart, assisting us to open our heart to experience greater joy and positivity. It reminds us of the limitless possibilities that exist, and that when we raise our vibration to joy and abundance, we have incredible ability to create and attract more love and luck into our lives!

It brings in a feeling of awareness centred around the heart and bringing in more love, gratitude and acceptance of ourselves and our present situation, which can assist us to attract new relationships, and enhance opportunities for creating prosperity. 

Maw Sit Sit is also a great stone to enhance vitality and increase physical and mental energy, as it can instil feelings of hope and positivity instead of feeling negative and drained of energy. It reminds us of possibility and potential, and helps us to tap into the flow of universal energy that is available when we can attune to that frequency. This energy can also have a strong protective effect on our health and enhance all kinds of healing, as it helps the mind and body relax back into a feeling of wellbeing, and relieves feelings of fear, stress and negativity. 

Wearing Maw Sit Sit is a great way to enjoy the benefits of this powerful green stone!

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