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Meteorites & Tektites

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Here you will find all things OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Meteorites, Tektites, Moldavites etc.


Meteorites are fascinating remnants of celestial objects that have survived their fiery journey through Earth's atmosphere to impact our planet's surface. These space rocks come in various sizes, from tiny grains to massive specimens weighing several tons, and they hold profound scientific and metaphysical significance.

Meteorites come in three primary types: stony meteorites, iron meteorites, and stony-iron meteorites, each with unique compositions. Comprising various minerals, metals, and sometimes even organic compounds, meteorites offer a glimpse into the early solar system's conditions and the formation of celestial bodies. They've even left their mark on Earth's geological and environmental history through impact events.

On the metaphysical side, many believe that meteorites possess special properties due to their extraterrestrial origin. These beliefs are deeply personal and spiritual. Some people feel that meteorites can enhance their connection to the cosmos, helping them explore the universe's mysteries. Others believe these space rocks can amplify energy, balance chakras, promote transformation, offer protection against negative energies, and provide grounding while reaching higher states of consciousness. 


Tektites, on the other hand, are like distant cousins of meteorites. They are intriguing natural glass formations created when terrestrial material is melted during a meteorite impact. Tektites come in various colours such as black, green, brown, or grey and have a distinct glassy appearance - two of the best known tektites being Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass.

Unlike meteorites, tektites are not confined to a specific type but are rather classified based on their geographic origin. You can find them scattered in various locations around the world, often associated with the impact sites of large meteorites.

Metaphysically speaking, tektites also hold a special place in the hearts of those who seek their unique properties. These properties can differ depending on the type of tektite. Many believe that tektites can assist in personal transformation, helping individuals adapt to new circumstances and break free from old patterns. Some use them to enhance psychic abilities like telepathy and precognition while considering them protective stones against negative energies and psychic attacks. Tektites are also thought to stimulate personal and spiritual growth, encouraging individuals to reach their full potential.

Whether you're drawn to meteorites or tektites for their scientific or metaphysical qualities, they offer a unique connection to the mysteries of our universe.

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