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Terahertz (Silica)

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Terahertz Metaphysical Properties: Clears the mind, Protection from EMF/radiation, Protection from negative thoughts, Aids rejuvenation & healing, Financial Stability, Problem solving, Enhance Manifestation

Terahertz is a lab-created gemstone that involves extracting silica from quartz (silicon dioxide) or grains of sand. Silicon, abundantly found in the environment, provides the abundant resources necessary to craft this exquisite gem.

Terahertz was initially manufactured in Japan to assist with the protection from Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Radiation. The gemstone is endowed with a unique property known as "Terahertz radiation," believed to shield individuals from electromagnetic pollution, offering some health benefits. However, the veracity of these claims remains unclear.

In terms of appearance, Terahertz bears a resemblance to hematite, with its highly reflective surface, however the primary difference when comparing the two gems is that Hematite is an Iron-based gemstone that is very heavy, whilst Silica is very light.

Terahertz is associated with the root chakra. Situated at the base of the spine, the root chakra is responsible for imparting stability and grounding. When your root chakra is in disarray, you may struggle to adhere to resolutions and experience a sense of disorientation due to being ungrounded. It can also leave one feeling physically unwell or out of balance.

Terahertz has the capacity to restore equilibrium to the root chakra while simultaneously stimulating the upper chakras. This infusion of energy halps to balance the body and mind, cultivating strength, endurance, and the empowerment to attain your aspirations. It can also support manifestation of desires into reality, by encouraging a clear mind and free-flowing thoughts that can then be taken action upon.

Terahertz is also believed to encourage one to make decisions to improve financial stability and promote prosperity. Additionally, in the realm of relationships, whether romantic or otherwise, this crystal heightens your sensitivity to the needs of others, facilitating the discovery of solutions to existing challenges.

Furthermore, terahertz is reputed to act as a safeguard against negative thoughts and energies. This attribute can provide assistance to individuals grappling with insomnia, and may even offer some relief from anxiety and depression.

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