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Dioptase properties: Master Healer, Opens Heart Chakra, Emotional Healing, Clears Karmic Patterns, Alleviates Stress & Emotional Pain, Forgiveness, Compassion, Emotional Balance, Joy, Tranquility, Aura-Clearing, Higher Purpose, Healing Relationship wounds, Balance in relationships, Physical healing

Moh's Hardness: 5

Crystal system: Hexagonal

Dioptase is a beautiful green very rare Copper cyclosilicate mineral which forms prismatic shards and inclusions within Quartz on copper veins that have been exposed to high levels of oxidation. It is often found with other copper containing minerals such as Malachite, Chrysocolla, and Shattuckite. It is predominantly found in Africa (Namibia) and Arizona, but was actually originally found in the Karaganda Region of Kazakhstan in the late 1700's by copper miners, believing it was actually Emerald due to its colour, until it was tested and found to be a different mineral.

Energetically, Dioptase supports the heart in every way and is a powerful Master Healer crystal that helps open up the heart chakra for deep emotional healing. It's a catalyst to help release karmic patterns, past trauma and stress, in particular emotional pain. 

Dioptase is believed to assist in letting go of challenging and painful emotions such as grief, trauma, anxiety, depression and self-loathing as well as hate. It gently brings in waves of soothing energy that can start to dis-integrate these old inner wounds, cleansing the heart and resetting the emotional body. It connects us with the higher heart vibrations of forgiveness, compassion and opens up our heart to feel more love, and joy.

Dioptase helps open our awareness to seeing where we are repeating the same patterns in our life, which are often karmic in nature. In particular, Dioptase is powerful for healing negative relationship patterns that may be abusive, inappropriate, disharmonious or unhealthy. It can assist us to make different choices through healing the roots of these patterns and releasing attachment to them by bringing awareness of when we are going down the same path. We can then incorporate past life lessons and wisdom into our present and future path, guiding us to activate our highest potential and purpose, and also choosing more loving and harmonious relationships.

This very rare crystal is well worth adding to your collection for working with over a period of time. Wearing Dioptase can help us to work through feelings of anger, frustration, jealousy, distrust or anxiety. On a higher level, it can also engage us with the flow of universal abundance and prosperity, by connecting us with our joy and passion, which keep our heart open light and flowing. Over time, you may notice the shift in your emotional state as you increase feelings of patience, tolerance, kindness and compassion towards yourself and others. 

Dioptase is also a great auric cleanser and can be used to clear and stimulate all chakras to a higher level of awareness and action, bringing a refreshing energy to all levels of being. Dioptase can also be helpful in balancing yin-yang energies.

Physically, Dioptase may be used to ease migraines and headaches, addictions, high blood pressure, heart and liver issues as well as pain and fatigue.

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