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Clear Quartz

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Clear Quartz: Master Healer, Energy Amplifier, Transformation, Send and Receive Energy, Store Energy, Manifesting, Protection, Energising, Balancing, Divine Light, Clarity, Spiritual Insight, Soul Purpose, Connection to Spirit, Facilitates Spiritual Awareness

Belonging to the Quartz family, Clear Quartz can be referred to as Rock Quartz or Crystal Quartz, and has a Mohs hardness of 7. It is also one of the most abundant minerals within the surface of the earth. 

Clear Quartz is abundant in various locations as well as environments. Some notable locations being the USA, Madagascar and Brazil. They tend to form in igneous rock, or even environments where geothermal water (hot water which varies in temperature) is found. Quartz is known to form in its hexagonal structure. 

Historically, Clear Quartz was referred to as “ice that doesn’t melt” because of how clear and textured it appears. Within the middle ages, Clear Quartz was shaped into spheres due to how clear they appeared. Thus, clairvoyants of the time believed it was so clear you could see into the future, which is when crystal balls began. 

Quartz has the ability to both store and transmit energy, and has the properties of both piezo-electricty and pyro-electricity which mean that when heat or pressure is applied to the crystal, it emits a charge and a very clear and precise vibration, which can have a positive effect on helping to regulate our bioenergetic (electromagnetic) field. Quartz is also used in many technological applications such as watches, silicon chips, and liquid crystal displays due to its ability to store information (energy).

Clear Quartz is said to be a “Master Healer” crystal, as it is believed to be the embodiment of Divine White Light and has the ability to amplify specific intentions and channel that energy towards its desired purpose for healing or manifestation, such as Protection or Balance. 

Clear quartz is a great crystal to wear and work with as it can provide us with connection to both the Earth and Spirit, as well as helping us develop more spiritual insight and psychic awareness which can facilitate living in alignment with our soul purpose.  

As it can store energy, Clear Quartz thrives off of being cleansed and charged, whether it be washed in water or smudged. Once Clear Quartz is charged, it reveals its best healing properties. Clear Quartz encourages creative healing and harmony, it would be best placed in an area where you are creating, or even the living room!

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