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Blue Kyanite

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Metaphysical Properties of Blue Kyanite: Throat & All Chakras - Alignment & Clearing, Balancing, Communication, Authentic, Past Life healing, Self-expression, Connect to higher frequencies, Spiritual Truth, Dispel illusions, Dream recall

Blue Kyanite is a powerful high vibrational crystal that aligns and balances our energy system. Connecting us with our soul's Spiritual Truth, it activates our self-expression and communication centre - the throat chakra.

Energy moves in the presence of Kyanite! This means that energetic information can be transferred or shifted rapidly, and communication channels are expanded and activated! 

Wearing or holding Kyanite whilst communicating, can help us to feel safe and supported in our expression and can help us express things that may feel vulnerable, challenging or raw by speaking from our soul.

Kyanite can assist with balancing all chakras by stimulating our awareness of our own inner guidance and wisdom so we know what we need to do to clear blocks to expression of our soul's path, or what we may need to do for our own healing. Kyanite is also an excellent stone for meditation and attunement to higher frequencies. 

Blue Kyanite can also open up our vision and align our personal will with Divine Will so that we can be open and receptive to the messages from our guides to make clear decisions and take action that is in alignment with our highest good and that of others.

Kyanite is also a great crystal to work with in assisting the recall of dreams, and is a good one to place in your bedroom for dream work.

Kyanite never needs cleansing and never stores negative vibrations or energy as energy moves through it.

When Kyanite forms with Quartz, its properties are amplified. When it forms with Smokey Quartz, this is a powerful clearing combination that can also help to ground your energy.


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