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Emotional Balance

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Creating emotional balance really means learning to process and FEEL our emotions, instead of repressing or suppressing them. This may be quite challenging to some people, so gemstones can be a supportive tool (in combination with other forms of psychological support if required) to help us to have the courage and presence with ourselves to work through our feelings as they arise throughout the day. 

The best crystals for emotional balance are

  • Rose Quartz reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and to love ourselves through hard times. It can ease feelings of stress and anxiety, promoting peace and reminding us to connect with others in times of need.
  • Kunzite offers a gentle and stabilising effect on our emotional energy, and can have an uplifting effect. It’s peaceful energy feels like a warm hug!
  • Amazonite invokes your inner warrior goddess who is courageous and will speak her truth, have firm and loving boundaries to protect your heart when needed
  • Green Kyanite is an emotional cleanser, helping you to release and process stuck emotional energy and re-align you with your higher truth and purpose.
  • Dioptase is a powerful heart healer, and can assist us to re-set our emotional body by helping to dis-integrate past wounding and release painful emotions.
  • Variscite has a gentle, peaceful and compassionate energy that fosters emotional resilience in challenging times.
  • Chrome Diopside balances emotional energy by helping us to give and receive more love.
  • Trust your own intuitive feeling as to which crystal is the appropriate one for you!

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