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Live Sale Policies & Guidelines

Live Sale Payment Policies

Please respect that claiming items in the Live Sale is a commitment to buy! Payment ASAP is always appreciated once you have received your invoice.

  • Please only buy what you can afford to pay for (or use Zip or Afterpay!) Payment on invoices is appreciated ASAP if you have finished shopping, and within 3 days.
  • If you can't follow through with payment, please do not claim. We do not hold invoiced items beyond 7 days if you have not been in communication with us. See put-back section below.
  • We will extend your payment to 14 days if you get paid fortnightly and you communicate that to us, AND you follow through with payment on time
  • We will split invoices ONLY if both invoices will be paid on time.
  • Buy now pay later available to approved customers
  • Layby only available to approved customers with excellent payment history and on orders/items over $500. Not available to new customers.

Cancelling orders, Put backs and Non-Payment

We have a 3-strike Policy for non-payment, order cancellations and put-backs. 

We appreciate things come up and life throws financial curveballs at times. Please please please just communicate with us if something happens and you need a payment extension! We are usually happy to accomodate!  

However, if we notice a pattern of repeatedly not paying on time, making excuses or generally not abiding by our policies, we reserve the right to ask that anything you claim is paid for within 24 hours, otherwise we may also temporarily or permanently ban you from our Live Sales and/or Pages, restricting you to only shopping on the website.

Customers who repeatedly do not abide by our policies around payment of orders will have 3 strikes before being banned from our Live Shows and page, either temporarily or permanently.

  • Please note you are welcome to put items back during the live so we have a chance to offer it to someone else. However, once the live has ended sales are final. Putting items back after the live may incur a strike at our discretion.
  • Put backs will be offered in our stories to other customers after 7 days.
  • We reserve the right to remove discounts applied if the order has been unpaid for more than 7 days and no payment plan is in place, or payment plan is not honoured.
  • Cancelling an order counts as 1 strike.
  • Any orders that are unpaid by 7 days, with no payment arrangements in place and who has not communicated with us/ignored our messages, will be automatically cancelled and put back. This counts as 1 strike.
  • Strikes are cleared in July and January.
  • If you have a history of repeatedly not paying orders on time, we will request payment within 24 hours.

Order Fulfilment

  • Paid orders will be processed as they are paid.
  • Orders are processed at the end of each day, so will be dropped off the the post office the next business day.

Shipping Rates

  • Shipping is FREE on domestic orders over $200
  • Free upgrade to Express Post on orders over $400, up to 5kg, then 1/2 price express post or free shipping at our discretion depending on the cost of postage, item weight and discounts already applied
  • Orders under $200 are at our shipping rates based on rate - see shipping policy for details.
  • International shipping is available! You will be charged shipping based on the weight of your order. Orders over $300 and under 1kg will have free standard post or half price express!

Insurance for lost or damaged orders

You need to OPT IN for insurance on orders over $100!

The cost is $2.50 for each $100 after the first $100. We strongly suggest any order over $200 has insurance added, as we do not cover costs of loss or damage of items in transit if no insurance is added for orders over this amount.

If you have any further questions, please contact us

This page was last updated 8th May 2023.

Live Sale Guidelines & Terms of Sale

We want our live sale to be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone, and for the most part we rarely have any issues as our customers are very respectful and kind to each other!

Occasionally more than one person wants the same item, and we understand it can be disappointing or frustrating to miss out on things, so we ask that you are respectful and kind and follow our simple rules for claiming: 

  • To claim an item, you need to comment CLAIM and the ITEM CODE e.g. CLAIM 226. Or if you have forgotten the code, I will accept the price & name of the item e.g sold $15 amethyst. The code or price must be included to make it clear for us both. I don't accept “sold” on its own as sometimes there is a lag and I don't always know which item you want to claim.
  • The first comment to appear from MY end is the person who gets it. Sometimes your comment may show before another's on your screen, but it comes down to what we see first
  • If you see something you like or are being drawn to a stone or want to see something in particular, just ask for it to be shown. If you asked to see it first, we may offer you first preference to purchase the item you wanted, but you are not under any obligation to take the item. Simply comment “pass” and it will be available to whoever wants it. Others can comment NIL (next in line) if they also want that item.
  • Once you comment CLAIM on something, you agree to purchase that item. You may change your mind DURING the live sale, but once it is finished the sale is final. Please only buy if you intend to pay! We understand that occasionally there are valid reasons why you cannot proceed with an order, so we will be flexible in circumstances whereby you are genuinely unable to make the purchase. However, we ask that you be mindful of what you have spent and only purchase what you can pay for within the week (or on Afterpay!)
  • Invoices MUST be paid within 48hours of receiving them. If you cannot pay within 48 hours e.g. waiting for a pay cycle, please communicate this to us so we can make an alternative agreement. If the agreement is not honoured, or payments are not received by the following weekend, your items will be returned to the shelf to be available for others to purchase. Repeat non-payment may result in a temporary ban from our Live Sales. Please see our Live Sale Payment policy above!
  • No discount code are to be used with Live Sale invoices. Please respect that as we offer discounts and freebies during the Live Sale, as well as offering free shipping and upgrades, discount codes are not to be used when you pay for your invoice. You are welcome to use discount codes when shopping via our website
  • Most of all, have FUN! Be kind and courteous to each other, be respectful and if you have any concerns, please private message us and we will always do our best to address any issues promptly.