Moonstone - Black

"Black Moonstone is a variety of Moonstone that was recently discovered in Madagascar. It can be seen containing white, grey, brown and tan colors running throughout almost every piece. Black Moonstone is usually shaped and cut into a variety of different meditation tools such as spheres, palm stones, tumbled pieces, pendulums, raw chunks and more! Along with sharing the same compassionate and loving energies of normal Moonstone, Black Moonstone provides complete protection of one’s aura against negative energy.

If you are going through a breakup or are having difficulties with someone close to you, we recommend carrying Black Moonstone at all times. When individuals deal with stress from another person that they’ve shared experiences or life with, they subconsciously lower their guard because of the love they have for them. When we see a loved one uncomfortable, it is in our nature as humans to help. This can backfire and leave one susceptible to their toxic energy. Carrying this stone around these people will allow you to continue opening up your heart to them. It will also provide support without the worry of their negativity affecting your own emotional body."


Moonstone is prized for its flashy blue and rainbow tones, and its assistance in creating emotional balance, and soothing stress.

Connecting to Divine feminine energy and feminine power, Moonstone is seen as a stone of the "Goddess". It is also a stone of the High Priestess who connects with the feminine mysteries, and connecting with Divine Mother energy.

Moonstone is one to assist us in working with the “Yin” aspect of ourselves, taking us deeply inward and therefore is a wonderful aid to meditation and spiritual journeying. It can also assist us to strengthen intuitive and psychic abilities, including clairvoyance.

Moonstone is a stone of cycles and fertility, and helps bring awareness of our own cycles, the spiral path and natural cycles.

Moonstone also helps us to connect with our Emotional body, and gain higher perspective of their meaning and messages.

Metaphysical Properties of  Black Moonstone: Base, Earth Star Chakra - New Moon Magic, Yin / Divine feminine, Black Madonna/Magdalene energy, Calm the mind, Grounding, Protection, Manifestation, Emotional balance, Synchronicity, Female organs

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