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Do Healers Really Heal You?

I have been professionally working as a Healer offering Kinesiology, Coaching and Reiki for nearly a decade. And only recently have I claimed the title of "Healer", and owned it. Because these days, I understand something really important about being a Healer... and it came to me when I chose to heal myself through a challenging health crisis.

Five years ago, I became very sick and was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I had severe hypothyroidism, and my metabolism was so slow it almost killed me. Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, I received a prompt diagnosis and was put on Thyroid medication. Because of my background in natural health, I knew that simply taking the medication on its own would not solve all my problems, it was only one part of helping me to get better.

So, I created a team of people to help me work on my physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic health. I chose natural therapies including Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Nutritional Medicine and Osteopathy to help support my healing, and I focused solidly for three months on healing the root causes of this autoimmune disease, and successfully put it into remission. 

Now, five years later, I have only had a couple of minor flare ups, and am generally healthy and well. What I learned is that I am responsible for my own healing, my choices, and how I manage my energy. No one else can do that for me. And through this, I became a better healer to others. 

The truth is, we are ALL healers. Every single living being on this planet has the capacity to heal themselves. Humans, animals and even plants!

It is innate, and part of your survival. Your immune system is the miraculous part of you that is responsible for healing... and it happens without us even trying!

Your body is divinely intelligent... never underestimate what your amazing body is capable of!

(Sidenote: Even though at times it may feel challenging, learn to be GRATEFUL every single day for the incredible gift of a body that allows you to DO all the things that you get to do in life! Nothing like having a health crisis where you are so tired you can barely move to remind you of that!!!) 

So, how can seeing a Healer help me if I can heal myself?!

A healer can guide, teach and empower you to awaken the healer within yourself, and can assist you to create an internal environment that is conducive to your innate healing abilities being able to work their magick! 

A healer can shine the light of awareness on where things are out of balance and help you identify what needs to change, and may educate you on potential pathways forward. Ultimately, its up to you which choices you make - only you can walk that path and make those changes.

A healer can help facilitate shifts in your energy and help you to clear blocks that may be preventing you from healing naturally. Creating a balanced energy system supports and even ignites your body's natural healing processes. It's up to you to maintain the balance through making choices to support your natural healing processes.
A healer can hold space for you whilst you journey inward, and help you to identify and connect with your shadow, those parts of yourself that may be challenging, suppressed or denied, which can be painful to acknowledge. A healer may guide you through the shadows, holding a safe space for you to become vulnerable. Only you can choose to fully release those emotions, forgive and love yourself unconditionally for the healing to occur.

A Healer is NOT someone else who heals you... because your power to heal resides within your ability to choose, act and change to be different, and do things differently.



A healer can support and guide you on your healing journey, helping you to awaken to your own healing powers.

A healer helps you become empowered to realise it's YOU who can choose to heal yourself.

You can choose to shift your perception.
You can choose to change limiting beliefs.
You can choose to release past patterns and emotions.
You can choose to do different actions and behaviours.
You can choose to be different and feel differently.
You can choose to stay the same.

You always have a choice to change, or not.

So even though healing is a natural thing your body does every day, without even trying, sometimes, we DO need a little help when it comes to healing our emotional and mental scars.

Sometimes we can't navigate our path alone, and need a compassionate guide as we don't know what our next steps are, or how to let things go, and thats ok.

Sometimes, we need someone to hold space for us, to be witnessed, be seen and heard, and to feel safe enough to become vulnerable, so we can transform and release our stories.

Sometimes there are things that happen in our life that change us permanently, that we dont know how to forgive, forget or move on from, which can make us feel stuck or take us off track from our path and purpose in life.

Sometimes scars don't fade, and we don't heal easily. Sometimes we are left with painful wounds or permanent changes, that are reminders of our trauma, and just need someone to give us a safe space to greive.

But just remember this: even though you might need healing, you are not broken, and you do NOT need fixing. You do need compassion, unconditional love, nurturing, and acceptance that you are perfectly imperfect. You need patience, support and understanding. You need connection, rest and time to process your experiences so that you can find the lessons and gifts of your experiences.

You are Divine Intelligence embodied, and you have the capacity to heal yourself when you empower yourself with the belief that you can. 

Never forget your power to heal resides within YOU, and that even though you are capable of healing yourself, it's ok to ask for support and guidance when you need it. 

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A personal message to you Michelle – I was given your card last night while serving in a hardware store, after l passed a comment on a large crystal pendant. I would like to thank the gentleman who gave me the card, and l will share the information on your site with my daughter. She will also be very interested. Timing is a great force of nature – bless you :)


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