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Australia's Bushfires: a Catalyst for Change & Awakening the Feminine

It's been a full on start to 2020 with the devasting bushfires raging all around Australia, and the upheaval it has created - environmentally, emotionally, physically and politically - for us all. 

I feel so many emotions come and go in waves - anger, sadness, fear and grief.

My heart aches so deeply for all the animals that we have lost, for the land and trees that has burned, for the rivers that have dried up, for the tiny creatures that are so important to the forest's ecosystem that have all been turned to dust... it hurts sooo bad!!!

I have cried so many tears for what has been lost, the grief is heavy... and I am one of the lucky ones. I still have a roof over my head, and so many things to be grateful for, and so I am.

And I feel so angry at what has been lost. Angry at the years of denial by Government climate skeptics and years of lack of action towards preventing this situation.  Angry that the government doesn't listen to our Indigenous Australians and their way of looking after the land.

I'm angry that we have been put in a vulnerable situation by the white collared males who "lead" this country... angry that our precious water has been sold to foreign entities, our rivers being dammed up and killed off... all whilst we are in the midst of terrible drought!

And this anger - this fire in my belly - it is calling me - all of us - to take action and to stop ignoring what is really going on! It's time for us to WAKE UP and SEE!

The rage comes from a deep place... deep within my womb. I know this rage... it's the rage of being silenced, of being violated again and again. This rage is that is the response of the suppressed feminine... of the collective feminine emotional body.

It is a time for us to listen to these feelings. Anger is a signal to take action! We must not ignore the need for action and to create changes. Because if we don't choose to take action, actions will be taken for us and will force us into change anyway, but probably not in the direction that is good for us, or our beloved planet.

Artist credit: @melanippe_art

And amidst these waves, I have also been feeling hopeful and optimistic about the change that is happening. Because even in the darkness of all of this, there is hope and there is light and so much love being shown by the world!

Fire is purification. It creates death and destruction, sending ashes & the dust of the old back to the earth. It is a catalyst for change and new growth

One outcome of these terrible fires is that it has woken people up to how poorly the government has been managing this land of ours. It has woken us up to just how much we NEED the support and wisdom of the Indigenous People of Australia in managing the land, to help us to HEAL the land of the abuse it has been through.

Australian bushfires

These bushfires are definitely a catalyst for change. And that can be a good thing.

Our current paradigm is being challenged, as we are seeing indisputable evidence about the costly consequences of inaction on climate change in our country. We can't afford to deny it any longer. Changes are happening and it's time for us to step outside our comfort zones and grow.

How do you deal with change? What is your mindset around doing things differently, or living differently?

Regrowth after bushfires

We have a powerful opportunity to create a different future, one that is more sustainable, as this is what is needed for our survival as a species!

But it is up to each of us to dream and action that reality into existence.

We are going through a massive shift of consciousness, an awakening and a heart opening and clearing, which is bringing a sense of unity and solidarity in both the local and global community as we come together to support those in need. The positive outcome of a crisis, is togetherness. And that is a beautiful thing to see happening right now!

It's time for us all to step up this year. Together, we can rise above this situation! It's time to stop playing small, and thinking we can't make a difference to the situation. We are NOT powerless... unless we continue to allow fear to rule our lives. Fear keeps us stuck, keeps us quiet. We need to SPEAK UP, and ACT!! Action is the antidote to fear and anxiety.

It's time to take our power back as a nation, and as women. It's time to focus on the question WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE?

It's time for the Feminine to rise - the nurturing, loving, caring, connecting, intuitive, intelligent, powerful creative force that is Mother Nature herself, and that resides within us all. 

How can YOU align with this way of being? How can you embody more of the feminine into your every day?

What single act of kindness, support, love or nurturing could you do right now that could make a difference to someone or something??

It's time for the feminine to balance out the dominant masculine energy that has been ruling our society for too long... and has abused its position of power. 

It's time to take a stand and say ENOUGH!! We need to look after each other.

Sadness - Josephine Wall

I keep hearing and seeing so many wonderful stories of support, people helping each other and the coming together of our community to help get through this challenging time. We are making things happen as a people... we are banding together to BE the change we want to see, since our "leaders" have let us down. Let's keep that sense of solidarity going! That is the feminine in action... supportive and nurturing connection and love. Caring for each other! 

Feminine energy is circular, and supportive. It's not a pyramid, like the old ego-centric paradigm. This is ECO not EGO. A circle includes and empowers everyone. A pyramid is relies on a competition to get to the top. It creates greed, and suffering of those "below".

We don't need that structure anymore. In fact, our survival depends on us no longer buying into the pyramid paradigm! 

We are at a pivotal moment in history, that will shape the future of our country based on the decisions that we make during this time. 


Stand up in your power. Speak your truth. Give a fuck about this planet and its creatures. Be courageous enough to open your heart and mind to this change of supporting each other to rise!

Can you feel this shift happening?

Take time out daily to meditate... quiet your mind and listen... connect to yourself, your inner guidance... and listen.

Indigenous women circle

Like many, I feel compelled to do what I can to help those in need right now. I have done a clearout of my wardrobe, and will be clearing out old furniture and items that I don't need that would be of value to someone in need. 

Also, I have also done a de-stash of beautiful genuine gemstone beads which I will donate 50% of all sales towards the Bushfire Appeal. We will also be donating 50% of sales from our clearance stock section, AND we will have some amazing new jewellery to share! JOIN THE EVENT HERE and please invite your crystal-loving friends!


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