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Crystals for Protection

Crystals for Protection

One of the most common questions I get asked is “What are the best crystals for protection?” to which I answer… “it depends!” because there are different types of protection, and SO many different crystals that offer protection on an energetic, spiritual, emotional and even physical level! So, how do you choose which crystal is best for protection for you? Let's explore!

First, ask yourself on what level do you feel that you need protection? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Energetically? Environmentally? Spiritually? As you can see, the answer really does depend on where you feel that there is a vulnerability/need, and also what you feel that you need in order to create a sense of security, safety and ease. In this blog, we will share various crystals you can use for different types of protection!


Smokey Quartz. Smokey Quartz is one of our favourite protection crystals as its grounding effect is also highly protective! It absorbs and neutralises unwanted or negative energetic influences including EMF energies as well as strong negative emotions or thoughts. We love placing Smokey quartz within the home or wearing it to enjoy its protective benefits! Check out our Smoky Quartz collection here

Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is a powerful energetic purifier, as it helps to absorb and transmute harmful and disharmonious energies such as EMFs that are in your environment which can disrupt your own bioenergetic field, and cause stress on a cellular level. Black Tourmaline is said to support the body’s detoxification pathways, as it helps to align our own electromagnetic energies, and ground/earth energy due to its electrical charge when heat or pressure is applied. This clearing effect can have a positive effect on us right down to a cellular level! Browse Black Tourmaline here

Black tourmaline in quartz. Quartz is an energetic amplifier, and it will strengthen the energies of any stone within or around it, so when combined with Black Tourmaline, it has quite strong protective energies! The purifying and grounding effect from the Tourmaline can protect you from harm/negative energies, whilst the clear quartz amplifies your intentions for protection, as well as emanating a harmonious and positive energy. Check out Tourmaline Quartz

Malachite. Malachite has powerful absorbing qualities which create a strong energetic protection against electromagnetic pollutants and radiation. It is said to be a strong protector of travellers, as it may warn of impending danger by fracturing. It has a strong shielding effect on the energy field and particular for the heart, and also has a powerful physical healing effect on inflammatory conditions due to its high copper content, and may have a pain relieving effects. Another powerful protective aspect of Malachite is being an emotional and psychic protector. It helps to absorb strong emotional energy and protects the wearer from psychic attack as well as creating a barrier that acts as an emotional shield from negative energy. Malachite is especially powerful to wear for people who may be subjected to abuse or emotional manipulation, as it helps you to maintain strong energetic boundaries. View our Malachite collection here

Black Obsidian. Looking back into human history, Black Obsidian was one crystal that was used extensively by warriors and hunters, as it was shaped into arrow heads for spears and arrows. Since Obsidian is essentially a type of glass, it is very sharp and was therefore used as a weapon! Interestingly, Obsidian is also now used in surgeons scalpels! Obsidian is also a very spiritually protective crystal, and is also a stone for repelling unwanted influences or negative energy from around your home too. It has long been used by shamans, witches, healers and energy workers to ward off evil spirits or harmful energies especially whilst one is doing magickal workings or traversing the etheric realms. It is also a powerfully protective stone for empaths, as it creates a protective shield around their energy and protect from draining their energy. See our Black Obsidian here

Pink Tourmaline. All tourmalines have a powerful energetic purifying effect, however pink resonates strongly with the heart chakra, so works on an emotional level to protect, purify and nurture your emotional energy. Pink Tourmaline helps to release stress and anxiety as well as clearing any kinds of destructive or disharmonious energy that accumulates over time from past trauma or other emotional wounding. Combine with Black tourmaline for a stronger effect of protecting on all levels of your being! View our Pink Tourmaline collection

Amethyst. One of the best stones for psychic & spiritual protection is Amethyst. Being a high vibration, Amethyst can help to transmute lower vibrational energies into positive. Amethyst also is known as a “stone of sobriety” as it comes from the Greek word “amethustos”. This was thought to be more about people getting “drunk” on Ego and power rather than alcohol, however it does seem to also have a protective effect on those who are trying overcome their patterns of addiction! View our Amethyst Collection here

Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Lazuli is a strong spiritually protective stone, as it has been used for centuries to ward off psychic attach and repel curses or any other harmful energies. Wearing Lapis as a pendant is said to help gently clear the throat chakra and protect against negative communication, as well as identifying untruths. It also includes protecting against our own negative thoughts and behaviours towards yourself. See our Lapis collection

Labradorite forms a protective shield around your auric field, which helps to prevent energy drain, psychic attack or ill-wishes and strengthens your own energy. It also helps to enhance intuitive and psychic abilities which can also enhance your ability to perceive danger or unwanted influences. Find your piece of Labradorite here

Pyrite is a great protector against negative energies and psychic attacks, as it has a reflective properties. It is particularly helpful for empaths who may need to strengthen their boundaries. It has also been used in various cultures as a protective stone. North American Indians crafted pyrite into protection amulets in healing and incantations. The Incas also wore pyrite as a protector against ill-health and diseases, and they also believed it could offer accelerated healing and cellular renewal. Check out our Pyrite collection

Carnelian. Like many forms of Agate, carnelian has strong protective properties especially against strong emotions such as anger, jealousy, envy, resentment and fear, and can guard against ill-wishers particularly those who may be jealous of your relationships. It can also help protect against abuse, jealousy and possessiveness in relationships. Ancient Egyptians used carnelian as a protector of the dead, calling it “magic armour” for life after death. Carnelian has also been called a protector of children, as it can help them foster confidence and self-trust. Carnelian also protects the home against theft and accidents. See Carnelian Collection. 

Moonstone is reputed for being a protector of women during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as being protective for travellers especially during the night. Moonstone also offers psychic protection, as it allows positive energies to filter through the energy field whilst shielding away negative energy. Browse Moonstone here

Aquamarine sooths the heart & soul and is a stone of courage. It is known as a protective stone when travelling over the oceans as in ancient times, sailors would carry Aquamarine as a protective amulet. It would also be carried by those going into battle, as it served to be a stone of courage. Aquamarine helps people to stay calm and focused in the midst of challenging situations, and stay aligned with your truth. See our Aquamarine Collection

Amazonite is a wonderful heart protector as it helps you to clearly communicate your boundaries and stay true to yourself. Emotionally, Amazonite helps to soothe and balance the emotions, as well as calming the mind of fear and anxieties so can also protect us from the effects of our own negative thoughts. See Amazonite collection.

How to choose the right crystal for protection?

As you can see, depending on what you feel you need, you will likely feel drawn to different crystals for the purpose of protection. So which ones to choose?! As with choosing any crystal to work with, its best to trust your own intuitive guidance as to the right one to connect with. Every person and crystal’s energetic signature is unique, and the way those two vibrations interact will be different as well! Notice if you feel particularly drawn to any of the crystals above, and trust your intuition! 

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